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6 Things YOU Should Do When Moving Into a New Home!

  1. Change the Locks: When you move into a new house, you never know who else may have a key to your home, so change the locks. This is will help ensure that you are the only person with access. Deadbolts can be purchased for as a little as $10 per lock and are easily installed.
  2. Check for Plumbing Leaks: This task is usually done by your home inspector, but it never hurts to double-check. If leaks are found early on, the cost to fix could be under $20, however, if a leak isn’t fixed, over a long period of time it could become costly.
    • Trick: Check your water meter at the beginning and end of a two-hour window in which no water is being used in your home. If the reading changes at all, you have a leak.
  3. Steam Clean the Carpets: No one wants to walk into their new home and find a lingering smell. Before your furniture in, steam cleaning your carpets can help eliminate those odors and get your new home off to a fresh start.
  4. Wipe Out Your Cabinets: Another no-brainer before you move in all your dishes and bathroom supplies. Be sure to wipe inside and out, preferably with a non-toxic cleaner, and replace contact paper if necessary.
  5. Give Critters the Heave-Ho: This includes mice, rats, bats, termites, roaches, and any other uninvited guests! The most efficient way to get rid of pests is to bring in the big guns and hire a pest removal service. The cost of these services usually ranges from $100 to $300 initially, followed by a monthly or quarterly visits at about $50 each time.
  6. Introduce Yourself to Your Circuit Breaker Box and Main Water Valve: It’s always a good idea to figure out which fuses control what parts of your house and label them accordingly. Keep in mind this will take two people: One to stand in the room where the power is supposed to go off, the other to trip the fuses and yell, “Did that work? How about now?” You’ll also want to know how to turn off your main water valve if you ever have a plumbing emergency. This is especially handy if a hurricane or tornado is headed your way, or if you’re going out of town. Reminder, this valve can be located inside or outside of your house.


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