Shawn Heiser

Shawn Heiser

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Shawn M. Heiser received a BA in Psychology from Oregon State University in 2006, is currently a Realtor for Sold Buy the Sea Realty, and resides in the local Port City (Wilmington, NC) area with his wife and rescue family of animals.

Raised with a high sense of ideals- morals, values, integrity, prompting him to continually challenge himself, Shawn has always chosen his career paths to align with those ideals in an attempt to make his chosen professions better while in them.

Shawn enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after graduating high school, and his natural ability to lead did not go unrecognized by his Senior Drill Instructor, as Shawn was meritoriously promoted while still in boot camp. Due to his exceptional leadership skills and high physical fitness scores in boot camp, Shawn was one of twenty out of 200 fellow Marines invited to try out for Marine Corps Reconnaissance, and having a deep desire to be challenged further, Shawn accepted, passed the intensive indoctrination sequence, and spent the remaining three and a half of his four year enlistment, as a Reconnaissance Marine, with 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, at Camp Lejuene, NC. Today, Shawn is a combat/disabled Veteran who has multiple awards/citations for his honorable service during his deployments to Southwest Asia during Gulf War I and for his service in Somalia, Africa.

As a disabled Veteran, Shawn knows the unique challenges they face, and is compassionate about assisting with Veterans’ home purchasing needs through the VA home loan program for qualified veterans.

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Shawn moved to Oregon where he met his wife Kimberly whom he married in 1999. With a new desire to obtain a college degree, Shawn set out and accomplished that goal, graduating with honors (Cum Laude,) from Oregon State University in 2006.

He had planned to go to Law School, however, despite his acceptance to Lewis and Clark, Shawn’s life long dream to be a Police Officer had never faded. As a result, he decided to pursue that goal and opted not to pursue a Law degree. Within six months of that decision, he was hired in his wife’s hometown and became a certified Police Officer in the State of Oregon.

As a Law Enforcement Officer, he performed outstanding service for approximately six years until forced to retire for medical reasons. After which Shawn and Kim moved to the Wilmington area to be closer to family, enjoy the area’s beautiful ocean beaches, and pursue Shawn’s new career as a Realtor in the growing area of Wilmington and it’s surrounding areas.

Shawn has continually displayed a work ethic aligned with his integrity, morals, and values regarding professions that are aimed at assisting the public’s needs. Shawn wants to help you with those real estate needs whether you are looking to purchase your first home by using your hard earned VA home loan benefit, (for qualified veterans), wanting to sell your existing home, and any other real estate needs you may have. Regardless, you, your unique situation, and your best interest will be at the forefront of the services Shawn and Sold Buy the Sea Realty can provide for you.

When not giving you his undivided attention regarding your real estate needs, Shawn can be found spending time with his wife exploring their new home/ state, working on the log cabin he is building for he and his family, lifting weights at the gym, riding his Harley, fishing on the open ocean, surfing, advocating for Veterans and Lyme patients, or reading a good book, as he enjoys doing any and all of the above as often as possible.

Though Shawn’s heart is in meeting the real estate needs of Veterans as often as possible, he is available, ready, and willing to help any and all people. He is flexible, dependable, kind, and truly cares that his clients are not only 110% satisfied with their experience, but walk away feeling they matter, their needs matter! Shawn wants to make sure the client’s buying and/or selling experience is as enjoyable as the end result.