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Agents! Work 4 Days a Week!

4 things you should do….

  • Meeting with buyers, sellers & sphere of influence.
  • Marketing to buyers, sellers & your sphere of influence
  • Calling buyers, sellers & sphere of influence
  • Other- This is what you should have other people doing for you.

Track it all!

Printed Newsletters
These should contain VERY LITTLE about Real Estate.

  • Heart Article- Something that makes others feel warm and fuzzy
  • Family Pics- Show them WHO the newsletter is coming from.
  • Trivia- Who doesn’t like trivia?
  • Comic- Everyone loves a good comic strip

Magical Seller Lead Generation Email

Every 3-4 months we suggest you send a direct offer to your database of buyer leads, seller leads, past clients, COI, etc to invite them to request a free home value report to generate seller inquiries. (See attached email for what to send)

3D Mail Results is another way to get your phone to start ringing.


4 Steps to work less:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Sending a card on EVERY holiday and client birthday
  • Emailing Magical Seller Lead Generator
  • Mailing 3D items


When you receive a lead:

  • Call them, what are their needs?
  • Send them a great Sales Letter (Read book by Dan Kennedy)
  • Give a pre list packet