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Curb Appeal Projects to Add Value to Your Home

Some of us find ourselves spending so much time on projects inside our home, that our front yards start screaming for a bit of attention! You know your yard has tons of potential, but where do you begin? Below are four projects that add tons of curb appeal, where any money invested is likely to pay you back much more.

  1. Add or Replace a Few Design Basics
    • Every few years, you closets get full, replacing your old clothes with new pieces to ramp up your wardrobe. Why not do the same with your yard? Your yard needs a basic makeover so it has some good, classic, value-boosting “bones” to build on! A few basic landscaping designs that can be used include a winding flagstone walkway, stone planters, flowering shrubs, deciduous trees, and quality mulch. You can’t go wrong with this type of investment! The median cost for this makeover is around $4,000, but can recoup around $5,000 in value!
  2. Add Color and Texture in the Right Places
    • This is sometimes referred to as “softscaping” but is basically adding plants in a designed, intentional way that makes your yard interesting to look at year-round. This type of project usually includes five trees, 25 shrubs, 60 perennials, natural edging, and boulder accents. Not only could these add better physical appearance and property value but also can be an energy saver!
  3. Build a Deck or Patio if You Don’t Have One
    • If you find yourself spending sunny days admiring the great outdoors from indoors, it may be time for a change and to finally build that deck or patio you have been dreaming of! A patio costs on average about $6,000 and a wooden deck cost on average about $9,000, but both recoup 102% at a minimum! Plus, how can you put a price on all those evening cookouts and Sunday brunches!?
  4. Heap Loads of Love on Your Lawn
    • At first, this may sound a bit ridiculous, but if you are looking to sell in the next year of so, this is highly recommended! It is the easiest of the four projects to do and the return on the investment tends to be around 300%! The lawn maintenance is simple, all you need to do is fertilize, aerate, weed, and rake. The annual cost averages at around $300. Every year, you’ll reap the benefits of a lush, barefoot-friendly yard. This is a no brainer!


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