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Daily Habits of Top Real Estate Agents

  1. Plan your day before it starts – take a few minutes the night before and plan you top priorities for the following day. Attack those things first.
  2. Write valuable blog content – “The more quality content you publish, the better chance you have to get found by buyers and sellers. Make blogging a priority and you will see results.” -Anita Clark
  3. Invest in a great website – “You need to spend money to make money. Too many agents don’t invest back into their business. I recommend having a state of the art website” -Bill Gassett
  4. Network and socialize daily – “I’ve had the most success getting new clients by hosting parties at my home. I do several a year, and invite my past clients, neighbors & friends to bring a guest or two with them.” -Wendy Weir
  5. Give to get – When starting out on social media, share & promote the content of other top Realtors. They’ll eventually want to reciprocate and share yours.
  6. Put clients needs first – “Anything that helps my clients immediately goes to the top of my list. If you don’t make your clients happy nothing else matters.” -Paul Sian
  7. Stay up on social media – Understand the importance of social media and blogging in real estate. Doesn’t it make sense to put yourself in front of potential buyers and sellers online? -Kyle Hiscock
  8. Respond quickly to leads – Respond to ALL online leads. you may get the client by default. “Many of my clients were surprised that I was the only one who called them back!” -Debbie Drummond