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What should you expect during the closing process:

The closing process can be tedious and comes prior to unpacking all your furniture in your new home. So what should you expect during this whole process?

  1. Signing the dotted line! This is once a buyer makes an offer, the agent will handle all the negotiations, and  the seller will accept. Now its time to sign your Offer to Purchase!
  2. Double check!  Once everything is signed, its time to set up important appointments. This will including ordering appraisals, while beginning the home inspection process.
  3. Negotiate! Based on the outcome, there may be some room for more negotiating to made before the deal is closed. This is where the seller and buyer’s agents will handle the negotiations, setting any repair requests, and having the necessary addendums signed by both sides.
  4. Hire an attorney! In North Carolina, attorneys will handle various things, for example the title search, the attaining of title insurance from buyers, and handling the closing process.
  5. Utilities! Prior to moving in or out, you will want to switch all the utilities over to the new owners. The buyer will arrange for the utilities to be switched into their name.
  6. MOVE IN! Once every task, every dotted line is signed, and the sale is officially recorded, you can finally start unpacking all those cardboard boxes!

Here at Sold Buy the Sea Realty, we make our clients our priority and we are trained to execute the closing process in an orderly fashion that puts you at ease and in good hands! Give us a call at 910-367-2965 if you are thinking about buying or selling your home!