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Do You Hate Yard Work?

Your yard is meant for fun and creative times, not chores! If you’re looking at your neighbors, who are lounging on their stylish patio, sipping cocktails, and loving life, while you are mowing your lawn and debating whether you have the time and energy to trim the hedges afterward, then you need to reevaluate your situation! Who has time to prep for a patio party when you can’t even keep up with all the regular stuff? Shouldn’t you get to relax on your patio, too?

The answer is YES, you should. It’s just a matter of designing your landscape strategically so it requires less attention from you. Here are a few simple ideas to help:

  • Rocks: The use of rocks for landscaping ideas creates a perfect, versatile tool for creating a low-maintenance outdoor space. The obvious reason being that grass does not grow on rocks. Also, you can use them to create walkways, or group them together to form some sort of decorative arrangement! Rocks can especially help if you have spots in your yard that are constantly wet because they will help the water run off instead of collecting, reducing the amount of mud (and mosquitoes!).
  • Rain Garden: Do you have a depressed corner of your yard where puddles have taken over? You might want to try out a rain garden! This garden is almost like a mini wetland but helps reduce storm-water runoff, and if done correctly they are almost maintenance free because they require no mowing, watering, and very little weeding! This will also help create a prettier focal point for your yard. The idea of this is to slow down rainwater so less of it goes into the sewer system and more is used to nourish all your plant life.
  • Platform Deck: Decks do require some maintenance, but you don’t have to mow them every weekend! And with a platform deck, meaning no steps or railings, is the easiest of them all to build yourself!
  • Tall Grass: Not all grass were created equal. Tall grasses, like switchgrass, muhly, bluestem, and fountaingrass, all grow very quickly and require little to none TLC, nor do they ever required a lawn mower! It is a win-win situation, because not only do they soak up lots of water and provide an organic privacy screen while trimming your mowing time!
  • Pathways: This is where you can be as creative as you want. Creating a decorative pathway will help eliminate the need for lawn care, but also create a more engaging entrance to your home! The most common method for creating a pathway is by using pavers (also called “steppers”) to guide the pathway and filling in the spaces with smaller rocks. If your house is more on the modern side, opt for some rectangular or square pavers.
  • Fake Grass: Some might scrutinize fake grass to be over the line, but the newer faux turf doesn’t make your yard look like a mini putt-putt course, nor does it get so hot it burns your feet like the older versions of fake turf. This is great for an individual or family that has no time on their hands! It doesn’t need to be cut, watered or fertilized, and pets can’t kill it.
  • Mini Forest: This method is only good for places that tend to rain more than shine! Where there are trees there shall be no grass. Just keep in mind that native trees are less maintenance because they’ve adapted to your area already.
  • Objects:  Color is the secret to a stunning yard, but that does not mean you need to plant a garden full of labor-intensive dahlias. It means choosing bright pots, benches, Adirondack chairs, and bird baths – anything that just sits there and looks lively while you start pouring your evening cocktails!

Your options are as numerous! BE CREATIVE


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