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7 Home Remodeling Projects With Top-Dollar Returns

Not all home improvements are created equal! Your home is in the perfect location, came at the perfect price, with the perfect lot. But the home itself? Perfect isn’t the adjective you would use… but you knew that moving in, and are now ready to start making it right!

But where do you begin? Because while any home improvement that brings you joy is priceless, not all add as much home equity as you might expect!

Here are the best seven home remodeling projects with equity-building results:

  1. Upgraded Landscaping – This one might be a bit of a surprise but can make all the difference! If you have some imperfect parts, adding a little color and touch of hardscaping can be dramatic and an immediate equity-booster!
  2. New Roof – Measuring rainfall from the indoors isn’t cool, considering it is what is between you and the elements, getting a new roof is a no-brainer why it would add equity to your home.
  3. Hardwood Floors – This type of flooring is a timeless classic, so installing or refinishing your hardwood will never be a regret.
  4. Patio or Deck – If your home is your castle, then your yard is your kingdom. After giving your yard a much-needed makeover, you need a place to watch over your handiwork!
  5. New Garage Door – There are tons of options for garage doors, so replacing your one with a garage door with a new finish or window insets will add tons of curb appeal!
  6. Insulation – Insulation is tucked out of sight, so it’s often out of mind until you are wearing your winter jacket indoors! An investment in new insulation or adding to the previous one will not only bring a return on your investment but also save money on heating and cost expenses!
  7. New Siding – With the new vinyl siding, there are several different types and colors available, so pick and choose to add some charm to your house. Plus you never have to paint again!

In a survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), “quality” was one of the most important traits that home buyers focused on when house hunting. By upgrading or adding any of these options, it will help appreciate the value of your home, while creating the perception of quality!

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