Maintenance & Emergencies

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call us immediately at 910-228-7871 and leave a clear message stating the problem. Clearly give us your name, address, and phone number so we can respond promptly. You should also contact the appropriate authorities, if necessary, such as the Police, Fire and Rescue or Utilities.

We consider the following events emergencies that need immediate attention.

  • Flood caused by hot water heaters failing, toilets overflowing or pipes bursting or any other un­controllable water leak. Please make an effort to turn off the main water source to the unit to prevent further flooding.
  • Fire of any kind. Please call Fire and Rescue first, then us.
  • Break-Ins. If your apartment has been broken into and it needs to be secured, call us.
  • If you only have one toilet in your apartment and it is stopped up and you have made every effort to unclog the blockage and cannot call us and we will respond appropriately.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning problems. If your heat or A/C unit is not working and the temperature is above 90 degrees or below 50 degrees in your property, please call us. We will make every effort to repair the problem within a reasonable amount of time. However, due to circumstances out of our control, we may not be able to repair your heating or A/C unit until the next working day. Sometimes, we are not able to hire a Maintenance Technician on the weekends or we may not be able to get the necessary parts to fix the problem until the following work day(s)

Regular Maintenance Requests

As a resident with RENT, you have certain responsibilities while renting. Please refer to the Maintenance Addendum for an explanation of proper upkeep and care for your residence. Please call us with any questions.

Please refrain from calling or texting your Property Manager outside business hours with non-emergency issues. You should, instead, submit a request via your Tenant Portal as soon as you notice an issue. You will be held financially liable for any damage caused by deferred maintenance that you did not report to the Property Manager.