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Sell Your Home in the Fall!

If you think that the spring/summer is the best time to list your home, think again! Although there are more buyers during this time because kids are getting out of school, people still need to buy homes in the “off season” as well. If everyone lists their home in the Summer months, think of how your home will stand out in the Fall. There will be less to choose from therefore making your home more desirable. Here are some tips if you are thinking of listing your home during the fall.


The brilliant leaf colors only look lovely while they are still on the trees. Make sure to keep your yard raked, weeded and trimmed. A clean canvas is more pleasing to the eye allowing more room to the imagination. Their vision of what their flower bed could be in the spring and where they think their couch should go will be easier for them to picture.


If you are still living there while it is listed, before you leave for a showing, turn on all the lights. This will make the home appear larger and more cheerful, avoiding the dungeon feel. When they open the door, you want them to feel cozy. One of the best ways to do that is through their five senses. Brew a fresh pot of Pumpkin Coffee or burn a fall scented candle.

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