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Sold Buy the Sea Realty, LLC specializes in maintaining a balance of expertise and a personal connection with our clients that is often lost in this technology-driven field. We want the process of buying, selling or renting to be a celebration rather than the daunting process it often is today.

We are a family that works together and values every agent’s input and contribution. Our philosophy as a company is that we work for our agents to ensure they are successful and happy. That, in turn, reflects similar qualities on the company. We are small enough to make all decisions in-house and are professional, trustworthy, accessible, and love what we do!

At Sold Buy the Sea Realty, LLC there are never franchise fees, forced open houses, mandatory meetings, advertising fees for the company to profit but not the agents, “Duty” shifts where you are basically forced to be unpaid office staff and all the other obstacles encountered at other companies. At Sold Buy the Sea Realty, our agents have the freedom to work outside the box. We can assure you that your input will matter and your ideas will be heard.

We pay our agents a very high commission split because the real estate profession is a difficult field and our agents work very hard to earn their commission. They deserve to keep it. Also, with a larger share of the earnings, agents in our company are encouraged to advertise the way that makes sense for them and their clients, not what makes dollars and cents for the company!

We offer all the luxuries of the “corporate” companies but with a family feel. A partial list of what we do for all our agents regardless of their level of production is listed below. For full details, please do not hesitate to call, email or text us. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Two Compensation packages: Commissions starting no lower than 70% regardless of production for Full Brokers and no fees! Start as high as 90%.
  • Extensive hands-on Quick Start 180 Program for Provisional Brokers. All Brokers welcome at no cost.
  • Strong web presence with the ability to forward your domain name to your web page on the site at no cost.
  • Enhanced listing capabilities on which directly sends you all leads on your own listings at no cost to you and never a change in split. Agents can set up their own profile and log in on enhanced listing!
  • Buyer leads are available from, our website, and our partnerships and connections.
  • Administrative office staff available to enter listings, set up social media, flyers and direct mail to market your listings and yourself.
  • On-site NCREC Approved Instructor for up to date information always.
  • Great equipment, high-speed internet, awesome printers and scanners, color copiers, computers loaded with all the software needed for a successful transaction, notary on site.
  • Builder connections for new construction & resources.
  • IT support and printer set up at your disposal.
  • If you are transferring from another company with active listings, we know that some companies require you pay the company you are leaving to take them, so we will pay a 90% split on the transferred listings.
  • MLS transfer fee reimbursed on 1st closing.
  • We provide business cards, name tag, signs, copies, administrative support, and lock boxes at no charge.
  • CRM Software with extensive campaigns for client contact and automatic emails blasts available for less than $100 a year! 90 Days FREE!
  • Paperless technology with transaction management and email tracking at no cost!
  • No annual fees, monthly fees, desk fees, franchise fees, junk fees/No Fees at all with our 70% split program. Goes to 90% rapidly still with no fees.
  • Thousands of templates provide at no cost for direct mail and/or emails.
  • No mandatory duty time, weekly meetings or forced open houses required. All are offered at your discretion. This is your business we are here to support you.
  • Business partners in lending and all vendors at your disposal.
  • Lead management, client follow up systems and campaign software available.
  • Broker in Charge and Office Support available whenever you need it.
  • Assistance is available to all agents for all marketing, photography, virtual tours, social media venues and enhanced listings updates.
  • Social and networking events scheduled often.
  • Detailed marketing plans and checklists provided at no cost.
  • Folders and custom flyers available.
  • Professional photography, drone photography and floor plans available.
  • Mentoring available and marketing tools offered for Buyer and Listing acquisition.
  • One on one marketing strategies sessions available.
  • Ongoing training and coaching provided at no cost. Training topics include topics such as intro to the basics of digital marketing, using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in marketing, beyond the basics of using FlexMLS, Digitizing and organizing your files, how to effectively use video in marketing, growing your network to grow your business. These are just a few of the marketing topics and system-based training classes offered to agents at no cost!
  • Annual awards banquet.

Our team’s individual areas of expertise culminate in a vast wealth of knowledge in finance, legal, construction, military relocation, education, photography, art history, horticultural management, architectural and interior design and corporate training and recruiting. We together share interests in horses, boating, construction, law enforcement, trees and landscaping, animal rescue, sports, just to name a few. But most importantly we are a family who works together to ensure everyone is productive! In 2011 we opened Sold Buy the Sea Realty. As a Broker/Owner, this is my career and my passion. We pay our agents a very high commission split because we know how difficult it is to be in the field and know that the agents have earned their commission. Also, with a larger share of the earnings, agents in our company are encouraged to advertise your properties the way that makes sense for you and your property, not what makes dollars and cents for the company!

We would love to meet with you to discuss joining our family!


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